Learning Resources Beaker Creatures

Thursday, December 13, 2018

We are a family who absolutely adore science and when you have science and you combine it with fun and collectables well you’re on to a sure-fire winner! Learning Resources have a new toy out for Christmas… Beaker Creatures – Extract! Identify! Explore!

A great set- which in hind sight is perfect for bath time, this toy uses the power of water pumped with hydro plungers & the help of special reactor pod to create a bubbling fizzy reaction as you’re collectable creature appears.  

The set up did require a little bit of adult help to put together but once everything was clicked into place it was easy for both the boys to take over and explore their reactor pod and find their own creature. While the actual fun didn’t last much more than 5 minutes the boys really enjoyed the experiment and the investigation carried on throughout the evening. And included in the kit is an experiment guide feature five different experiments to make using house hold products including slime! No borax needed!

Once set up the Beaker Creatures Lab set can be used again when you buy reactor pods to build up your collection. They are a little cheaper than most collectables around at the moment with 2 pods costing £8. The actual kit cost £25 but is on special on Amazon at moment at £21.99.

The lab has 15 components which are made up of 2 Beaker Creature Reactor Pods, 2 Classification Cards, 2 double sided Mini-posters, 2 hydroplungers, 2 beakers, liquid reactor super lab base, Set of tongs, Stir rod, Experiment guide, full size poster.
This was a great evening building and playing with  the reactor pod and we will definitely be getting more pods to build our collection – a fabulous stocking idea! We also covered a huge amount of science in playing and I just loved how much play value there is in this set and how much you can do with it, especially with the extra experiments! As ever Learning Resources have got this spot on and it’s the perfect STEM toy for all age groups! My son at 8 adored this even when my 11year decided he wanted to be in on the fun and join in!

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