Winter Garden Ideas: Keeping Your Garden Thriving All Year Round

Sunday, November 25, 2018

It is pretty common for people to give their gardens the cold shoulder around winter time, partly because it’s freezing outside and partly because people assume there’s no hope for them. This is actually not the case, your garden is hardier than you think and with the right care, it can thrive even in freezing temperatures. There are plenty of winter garden ideas that will have people (and animals) flocking to your back garden.

Lawn care

A great place to start with these winter garden ideas is with the main event of any garden, the lawn. If you leave your lawn to go patchy and die in the winter it will really affect the overall vibe of your garden. So, a good idea is to take care of your lawn before trying to add anything else. An easy and important job is to keep the lawn clear of fallen leaves and anything that may be covering it’s surface as this can prevent your grass from breathing. You can use fallen leaves in compost heaps and around the stems of delicate plants to protect them from harsh weather. If you would like to take your lawn care further to make sure the rest of your winter garden ideas are complimented nicely by a year-round patch of greenery, you could get the professionals in. Greensleeves offer affordable seasonal lawn treatments for any time of year with guaranteed results. They have lawn treatment experts all across the UK to visit you and provide a lawn health assessment.

Outdoor festive decorations

A simple but effective way to decorate your garden in winter is to put up some outdoor festive decorations. This could be some simple fairy lights or a full-on Christmas tree, either way, decorations are guaranteed to spruce your garden up. This is one of those winter garden ideas where you could splurge on a bunch of fancy outdoor lights and props from your local garden centre, or you spend nothing and make your own personal decor. Whichever floats your boat!

Animal houses

Another of many winter garden ideas is to create some animal shelters or houses. This will hopefully attract a range of wildlife to your garden as they seek shelter from the cold. You could create all kinds of shelters for animals such as hedgehogs, birds or even bugs. If you leave food inside them you are even more likely to look out your window and see a lively garden, even in freezing temperatures. You don’t have to spend loads on a fancy birdhouse either, you can make your own out of old kitchen bits like coffee cans and decorate them - get crafty!

Plants and flowers

A final tip for making your garden inviting even in winter is to keep planting - just because it’s chilly, doesn’t mean plants can’t grow. There are plenty of vegetables like cauliflower to plant in winter; and one less vegetable to buy for the Christmas dinner! As well as veggies, there are certain shrubs and flowers which can last the winter months, so there’s no excuse to abandon your back garden now.

If you found these winter garden ideas useful, visit Greensleeves at or give them a ring on 0808 100 1413 to find out more about how they can help you keep your lawn alive and kicking in winter.

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