Jurassic Park: Danger!

Friday, November 02, 2018

Jurassic Park Danger! The latest board game from Ravensburger is Escape from Isla Nublar: Jurassic Park Danger. When we were offered to review this the boys choice was a loud YES! From the very first time of watching the original Jurassic Park the boys have fallen in love with dinosaurs and the eldest cant wait to see if you CAN extract DNA from a mosquito!

Can you believe its been 25years since the first film? Well now its time to head back as this board game is based on the original Jurassic Park movie. The human players on the board need to activate the locations, accomplish their goals and escape from the island while the Dinosaur players are our to eliminate them!

The board is in pieces which being Ravensburger fit together perfectly! They are pressed together and get inserted between the barriers of the island where they remain until you finish the game. They are made up of 19 Island tiles with a further 6 being the perimeter barriers. Included in the set is 10 Character Player Mats. 10 Matching Character wooden figures, 100 Character cards, 1 Dinosaur player mat, 3 Dinosaurs wooden characters, 10 Dinosaur cards. 13 Fence tokens, 10 Character Goals, 4 Lock tokens, 3 locations – Maintenance Shed, Control Centre, Visitors Centre. 1 Dinosaur action token, 1 Helicopter token, Dice & Instructions!

Don’t be overwhelmed though its very easy to get started! The game is for 2-5 players. The dinosaur player controls the T.Rex, Dilophosaurus & the Velociraptor. The movement of these are controlled by the cards and this is shared by the player between the dinosaurs. The game is all about strategy! It is the toughest role of the game I think. The dinosaur to win has to eliminate 3 of the humans – a new one is added when this happens.

The human players team and each player gets the role of a chosen character (in a 2 player game they have control over two characters) They main goal is to get the park back up and online while completing their own personal objectives and escape on the holiday before the dinosaurs get to them!

We originally played this as 2 players – just the boys but soon decided we need extra players and also someone a little older to go with my youngest – he’s 8. At 11 my eldest was doing ok though and we have had some great games playing all together on this. Its all down to strategy and working as a team though try and make sure the dinosaur player is someone older whose played before otherwise they can struggle in that role.

The game is so much fun though definitely I think for the older side of children and also for adults. The boys loved heading back to Isla Nublar though and while they have a tendency to bend the rules a little they have so much fun! This would make a superb Christmas present I must say for any teenager who’s a little Jurassic Park fan! Its currently RRPing for £24.50 on Amazon.

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