Frosty The Showman - Squires Garden Centre

Saturday, November 24, 2018

This weekend we were invited to head along to one of our local garden centres – Squires – and get into the Christmas spirit with the 2018 Christmas – Frosty the Showman Circus. My youngest at 8 couldn’t wait to go and was highly insistent his big brother came too. We haven’t been to many circus’s so the whole week was a pure run up to Friday night.

Four different Squires are offering show each offering something a little different from the others but based around the same theme. So to get the negative out the way first. The circus is called Frosty the Showman and apart from setting the storyline at the start for 3 mins you don’t see Frosty again till the end. However! This is no way actually detracts from the enjoyment of the show.

The ringmaster starts the show and all seats get a very clear view throughout. After the introduction the circus show begins and within 5 minutes the youngest could barely sit with laughter and even the wise old eldest who is now definitely too cool to smile for photographs was bursting out with laughter and giggles. The circus promises comedy trampoline, Aerial straps, uni-cycling, hula hoops, foot juggling and a laser light show. Each serious demonstration is followed by the clowns who would get out in the audience and have everyone laughing in the seats and getting involved. The more serious acts were absolutely fabulous and hugely enjoyable.  Personally, I was close to running away to join the circus as I desperately wanted a go at the aerial straps! They definitely made it look easier than I imagine it really is!

As to the laser light show! There just aren’t words at how fabulous that is! It sounds so simple – a light box and a bracelet of mirrors but it was just awe inspiring – so much so I totally forgot to take any pictures and just sat that like the others with my mouth wide open!

After the shows Frosty comes out again and the children are all invited down to the big ring to join in a Christmas song and dance with the performers. Then every child gets to meet Father Christmas and take away a little present. Tickets cost £13 and each child receives a gift. Under 2’s go free but they don’t get a gift unless a ticket is bought. The circus is running until the 24th December.

I have to say it was a hugely enjoyable evening and a perfect event for young families – even if you have older siblings! – the show was about an hour, and the excitement was there as you left in the dark and the exit is lit up in Christmas lights. Head here for more information

Disclosure  - we were granted free tickets in exchange for an honest review.

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