Hatchimals Colleggtibles Series 3

Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Having two boys in the house the Hatchimals craze didn’t really touch us when they first came out. Recently though they’ve started getting into them – especially the youngest at 8 and really enjoying them – we are obviously though trying to collect the boys! They have some great blind bags which for a little bit of pocket money or a reward are perfect.

The boys spent a very joyful afternoon unbox and reviewing and marking off on the sheet the new Hatchimals Colleggtibles Series 3. Like the series before they rub the egg and hold it in a special way to crack it open to reveal your collectable Hatchimal inside. They really loved doing this and the delight when they cracked open their first set of twins was fabulous. These twins are new to the series!
We received a variety of the Colleggtibles packs:

Hatchimals Colleggtibles one dozen RRP £24.99
Hatchimals Colleggtibles 4 pack with bonus RRP £9.99
Hatchimals Colleggtibles 2 pack & nest RRP £4.00
Hatchimals Colleggtibles blind bag 1 pack RRP £3.00


So as you can see you can build up your collection either as pocket money delight or as presents. They’re aimed at children aged about 5 and above. The little love and rub to produce your collectable is great and series 3 is different from previous series as there are two hearts this time rather than one and the boys realised that the colour of the speckles on the outside of the heart give a clue to the family the egg belongs to. They really liked the fact the egg unpeels to leave at the bottom a little next for their Hatchimal to sit in.

The boys really enjoyed marking off on the collectors poster (included in the larger sets) and shows each characters friend and family. We didn’t realise for a couple of days that they can actually be placed in the play position with their body as featured on the poster! I.e a piggy back etc. The boys really enjoyed this and is was great to see their imagination spark up.

This series (3) have over 100 new characters with 20 different pairs of twins to collect. There are also some great special and limited edition families to collect which have accessories or features like glitter. The selection were a huge hit and the twins discovered and limited edition Hatchimals really made their day. A fabulous welcome addition. You can pick up the collections at most good toys stores and supermarkets!

Disclaimer – We were kindly sent a package of Hatchimals Colleggtibles Series 3 in exchange for a blog post

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