Benefits of a High Quality Olive Oil

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

 Olive Oil is everywhere in cooking due to its health benefits and its great in cooking but with so many different usages of Olive Oil it is worth choosing a good quality extra virgin oil. I posted last year about how to choose a good olive oil and I was therefore over the moon to be offered the chance to review Morocco Gold Olive Oil.

Morocco Gold comes from a single estate and is cold pressed within 24hours. The olives are grown and pressed in the foothills of Atlas Mountains and has a beautiful light clean vibrant taste. All bottled in a beautiful elegant bottle which incorporates a pourer and is far too gorgeous to be tucked in a cupboard.

Morocco Gold Olive Oil has a unique partnership in owners. A creation of UK based owners and Moroccan Owners allow consumers in the UK the benefit of this gorgeous oil while also supporting women in agriculture- the oil is pressed by a local cooperative whom actively supports schemes to create employment for women, they work closely with local supplier to create quality control to the end and sets a standard within the sector which suffers from fraud and dubious claims of quality.

Being a pure high quality extra virgin oil, the benefits of the Morocco Oil are superb –
reduction of cardiovascular diseases,
beneficial effect on ulcers and gastritis,
helps reduce blood pressure,
eases diabetes and
lessens the severity of asthma and arthritis.

It really is a taste of the exotic! And if the taste doesn’t appeal alone then I can highly recommend using this in every form you can imagine in your house. Here are my top 5!

Being packed full of anti-aging antioxidants it helps form a gorgeous hair mask which leaves your hair nurtured and strong,

A face mask for winter and a great healer of acne
A beautiful colour and flavour drizzled over bruschetta,
Even an amazing furniture polish
Restorer for leather coats.

Head over to their site now for more information about this stunning oil – Morocco Gold Olive Oil

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