5 reasons why caravan holidays are the best.

Monday, September 24, 2018

The humble caravan. The image that springs to mind is perhaps one of a 1970s cream and orange shell, its tiny wheels bumping along a country road.

Or perhaps it’s a sleek, elegant, streamlined beast with tinted windows and its own jacuzzi.

Either way, caravanning is an icon of summer holidays, and its popularity is continuing to grow.
Ever wondered what it’s all about? Here are five reasons why caravan holidays are the best.

Freedom to travel
In the era of data privacy, Google location tracking, and digital connectivity, you’d be forgiven for thinking that real freedom is a thing of the past.

However, caravanning is one arena in which it still exists.

Whilst most people choose to hitch their van in a designated caravan site, where they will have access to electricity and water, you can, in theory, park up almost anywhere.

Take your home comforts with you
Some of us love nothing more than to throw a few essentials into a backpack and head off into the sunset for a night under canvass.

Most of us, however, are much more comfortable with a favourite pair of slippers and a snuggly duvet. When traveling with a family, home comforts can make the world of difference.

It’s important to understand how to balance the weight ratio in your caravan, but once you’ve got the basic maths covered you can bring everything from your scrabble board to your oven gloves.

Remember to check with your home insurance provider to see whether or not you’re caravan contents are covered!

Delve into some DIY
Not all caravan holidays are mobile. Static caravans offer a much more cost-effective alternative to taking on the burden of a second home. Roomy, comfortable, and a home-from-home, static caravans are often located close to beauty spots such as rivers and beaches.

Perhaps more importantly, you can really make them your own. Many static caravan owners indulge in a complete redecoration, plant gardens, and add verandas.

Static caravans can be a little more complicated to maintain than their mobile cousins. Whilst the caravan park will take care of many things, it’s a good idea to get a decent independent static caravan insurance policy. One Sure Insurance offers a wide range of specialist insurance policies that cater for business vehicles, campers, and caravans. All moving caravans must also, by law, have insurance.

It’s a learning experience for everyone
Nothing says ‘learning curve’ like a new experience, and bedding down for the night in a tin can is up there with the best of them.

In the grand scheme of things, caravanning is very easy. However, there are plenty of things to get to grips with, such as weight ratios, gas bottles, chemical loos, and efficient storage.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll never look at a hotel in the same way again.

Get away from the screens
More and more of us are expressing our frustration with technology. From the mobile phones that are permanently glued to our hands to the virtual office space of our laptops, technology has seeped into every one of life’s crevices.

Except the caravan. The caravan will always have one wheel in a bygone era, and that’s increasingly being recognized as something to cherish.

And with doctors and professionals advising us that we should all make a digital detox part of our routine, there are few more enjoyable ways to unwind than by taking a home-from-home on the open road.

Closing thoughts
There’s nothing not to love about caravanning. It’s a fun, carefree way to see the world without the hassle of hotels. Next time you’re wondering how to make your family holiday that little bit more memorable, consider the endless possibilities of the combination of fiberglass and an open field.

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