Zuru X-Shot Flying Bug Attack

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

We had the most amazing time this weekend. Zuru sent us their latest X-Shot- Swarm Blaster and the boys just couldn’t wait to dive in and play. The Zuru X-Shot Flying Bug Attack is an incredible set which includes flying targets to take down!

The boys loved filling the side clip and all pets were banned from the garden while they released the bugs from the motorised launcher and fire! They do need to work on their aim but what an amazing toy to get the kids outside. The launcher means that they could easily go outside on their own without having to drag the other out and they’d disappear for ages while they played and practised. 

Of course, we did have to invite friends round and have a X-Shot challenge! The Flying Bug Attack comes in two sets. A single which includes the motorised launcher, two flying bugs, a dart clip and 12 reusable foam darts. RRP £19.99 There is also a dual set which RRPs at £29.99 and includes two swarm seekers, the motorised launcher, two dart clips, three flying bugs and 24 reusable darts!  Our garden somewhat sprawls with er weeds and we did temporarily lose a flying bug so I think its fab that they also sell accessories kits for £4.99.

The kids have had a blast with this over summer and are outdoors nearly every single day. It’s a great way to burn off energy and keep the kids amused over summer. They’re also planning plenty of battles as soon as Autumn hits and they can go extreme in the parks!

The X-Shot Flying Bugs Attack and the Xshot full range is available from all major retailers.

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