Calling All Muggles!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Muggles pay close attention! If you want to attend the best event this Halloween then Hogwarts is opening its door to you. After the incredible success of last years Hogwarts After Dark, Warner Bros. Studio Tour is are inviting you to enjoy an evening having dinner…..

On Friday 26th, Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th October muggles, witches and wizards will have the chance to enjoy smoking dry ice cocktails & canapes before heading to the Great Hall to indulge in a two course dinner – 100 floating pumpkins, red apples and of course cauldrons filled with lollipops.

After indulging in a Hogwarts Halloween feast surrounded by original props and costumes grab a lantern and follow the spiders & Hagrid…..Dessert bowl food will be served after this in the new Forbidden Forest, keep an eye out for any Death Eaters lurking among the shadows and of course Aragog the Acromantula will also be looking to eat dinner.

If you are manage to avoided the spiders & death eaters roaming the tour -in original costumes from the films then head on to explore the Studio Tour after hours. From my personal favourite sets of the Gryffindor common room, Hagrids hut & the fabulous Weasley kitchen from The Burrow you can explore and meet members of the Prop Making Department.

If this wasn’t enough Wand Choreography Paul Harris will offer the chance to learn wand combat moves – ready for a live duel with the Death Eaters. Refresh with Butterbeer in the back lot before heading in, lights dim to a darker, scarier Diagon Alley where the street set is patrolled by Death Eaters.

Unfortunately this amazing event is opened to over 18s only. Tickets go on sale August 28th at 10am head to purchase your tickets from £240pp at  or by calling 03450840900

If like me you have under 18s then head along from 28th September -10th November where you can indulge in Death Eaters, Duels & Halloween. Theres also the opportunity to book on 1 of 2 exclusive costumer evenings from 6.45 on 6th & 7th October. Dress up as your favourite Harry Potter character or creature and enjoy the Dark Arts photo opportunities and giveaways. I cant wait to see the vats of Troll snot, dribbling 3 headed dog drools and pools of silvery unicorn blood!

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