Friday, June 01, 2018

Our local supermarket aisles are covered at ends and in the middles by “blind bag” pocket money toys for the kids. While I don’t mind buying the occasional ones I find that they aren’t really value for money and you have a high chance of getting a duplicate. However, Zuro have this week totally turned my opinion around on these items but their latest launch of Zuru 5 SURPRISE.

Zuro sent us some to try out on the kids and let you know our thoughts. Well having two very different boys I wasn’t best pleased that they are pink or blue. I think a universal colour would be great as well as my boys quite liked a fair few toys in the “pink” balls. That being said these balls are fabulous…..

Each ball – which can be rebuilt after destruction – contains 5 different segments. The boys loved that they were like an orange! The outer wrapping peels off and allows you to pop open the orange to reveal each sealed individual segment. I must admit we whisked away the ones we had left over after the first had been opened, because as motivation these toys are perfect. We had studying to be done and they received a segment after each section completed! How perfect if you’re on holiday would these be to hand out over the journey? In fact, we did do this last week on the way home from camping!

Zuro are offering up over 300 different toys – more coming as you read, and as such we haven’t yet come across a duplicate. As I said there are blue oranges, and pink oranges, these are definitely angled towards the girl toys and boy toys. With the pink have bouncing glitter putty and stamps and key rings the boys loved a lot of the items in these too. However, they also have hair clips and hair bobbles and temporary tattoos. In the blue segments we adored the slime, shaped rubber bands, key rings, water balloons and colour changing key rings! How fabulous to be away from themed surprises! We really appreciated this as each segment was so different from another and offered up a much high and longer play value then other such toys. 

These Zuro 5 SURPRISE toys retail in the shops at £5.99 and I think you’re getting a good value for your money, especially when you compare to other similarly priced pocket money toys on the market.

These are a great treat or reward and while the price could be valued as higher than some you are getting a lot more for your money and quite frankly I’d rather buy these than a single figure for 99p less.

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