Lucio Firebowl - Camping Essentials

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

This year we upgraded out camper to a larger one and as a result we are out camping every weekend we can. Personally, to me, there’s nothing more idyllic than a large field for the kids to run and roam in and friendships made across torch lit games. One thing I love most though is leisurely relaxing while a fire merrily lights up and people cant help but stop and chat! It seems to be a huge draw to everyone. We are even meeting up with friends made over our latest fire again later in summer.

Now the safest way to have a fire is in a firepit and just how perfect is the Gardeco Lucio Folding Firebowl available from In fact this fabulous firepit has a couple of bonus features which makes in a ideal addition to any camp set or garden. The Lucio has folding legs which lock in place and are super easy to lock and unlock which allows for easy transportation in its own carrier.

Then if that wasn’t enough is doubles up as bbq! An essential in our house. A grill and fabulous skewers for kebabs – these were stolen almost immediately by the boys as marshmallows roasters. The bowl which holds the base of the pit or the coal for the bbq is enamelled coated which protects the bowl and prolongs the lifespan of the bowl. The quality of the bowl is superb and in I really was expecting this having bought a similar priced one last year elsewhere which wasn’t coated and barely lasted the summer. Its sturdy and strong and I love that its multipurpose – space being a premium when camping. There bowl is nice and deep and theres a great little rack included which sits across about a third up from the bottom and makes for much easier cleaning then I’ve previously found.

After dinners cooked laze back in your chair and place the spark guard over the top. Some of the happiest hours we spent on holiday have been spent around the Lucio firebowl and it has even been whisked off to a friends for an evening’s entertainment outside. We also found that the right herbs placed on top of the fire meant an even blissfully free of midges and flys! Absolute heaven, especially for the long summer evenings ahead.

Disclaimer: I received the Gardeco Lucio firebowl from ( for my review but as always, all opinions, images and words are my very own'.

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