Last minute 5Star Fathers Day Presents

Monday, June 11, 2018

Father’s Day is just days away now but how do you show the dad, father, uncle or granddad in your life just how much you care? The shops are filled with either football presents for the younger men or gardening for the older generation but quite frankly this idea fit none of the men in my life!

Also I have the unfailing ability to look at the date on the calendar, ringed in red saying FATHERS DAY and still not manage to do anything about till the last minute. I’ve worked with Find Me a Gift a fair few times on here and I will happily admit they are now one of my go to shops. I’m working with them on this article to showcase some ideas which aren’t the usual. Not the personalised, not the sporty and not the gardening types of gifts either. The last-minute ones for the funky, fun and just truly wonderful men in our life!
So here is my top 5 5 Star Gifts for those last-minute presents!

Craft beer has taken off the last couple of years and I just love the idea that this will teach how to create and make the perfect pint for you at home. You get a chance to put your knowledge to the test too and have a go! And then wrap up the day trying out a few beers too! I love this gift and am keeping the thought aside as a strong contender for birthdays coming up!

Now this is one of the gifts you can get anyone. They don’t need a hobby there is such a sheer amount to choose from that it makes the perfect gift for those who have everything. It covers everything from Whiskey tasting, Go Karting, Abseiling to subscriptions! And some of the experiences included are for up to 4 people! Totally awesome gift!

Oh my gosh I know so many dads who head off to work every morning and would love this! While its advertised for a lazy Sunday – this not only toasts the bread, but cooks the eggs- 3 ways, AND also cooks the bacon for you – but I think this is perfect for the man who has to shoot off early in the morning with a long day ahead of them! Pop this on before you have shower and there you have a pretty decent cooked breakfast to either sit down and enjoy or whip into a sarnie as you head off! It would actually also make the perfect gift for any student you know too! I’d have loved this at uni!

Now Find me a Gift actually sent this for us to review and oh my gosh! My husband is the smallest HP fan in our household but as I opened the box for this it was whisked out with a load of chuckles and proudly worn through the house. We have the Slytherin robe and aside from the fact that it is sooooo COOL it’s a fabulous dressing gown! Incredibly soft and cosy and a perfect length! There’s a mad rush between him and eldest to get it on in the morning and it’s the first time ever I’ve found him sitting around in one. I think he’s secretly still hoping for his Hogwarts letter!

I love this set! We are always hunting out our kitchen knives but this set sits proudly on our kitchen window still ready to be whisked into service. They are so much fun to cook with and quite frankly after a hard day at work this just adds an extra touch of fun to the cooking! They’re a great quality too and you cannot help but find your inner ninja while you cook! I do warn you though expect for the kitchen to be over run for a while with “hi-ya” and chopping and swishing noises!

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