Get out on your bike this summer!

Monday, June 11, 2018

When we moved to the country one of our first decisions was to get a bike and head off track. We started off making a mistake that many before us had made in getting a cheap bike thinking we were saving money if we decided we hated biking. BAD DESCION. We learnt pretty quick that firstly biking is fun but actually it’s a heck more fun if you have the right bike! I’m not suggesting you head out to the latest specialist and spend a fortune in fact quite the opposite but first thing first head to someone which has a lot of bikes and go and start sitting on them! 

When our eldest decided he wanted his own and no longer a trailgator we headed off to Halfords and handed him over. They checked firstly his size, where he felt comfortable, how fair his arms extended – you name it. Then what sort of riding did we do? Town, off road etc to get the right sort of tyres. We actually ended up with a cheaper bike than we had picked out and a one which he was more comfortable on.

Being on the downs there are bike rides every direction you look but if you’re a beginner I would suggest start off doing a little research. There’s is no fun in exhausting yourself at the start and spending as much time falling off as riding! We started off with some great small runs which have no huge hills to ride up but some fabulous, down hills, streams and views to encounter. From there we have experienced more and more off-road fun even to the point we’re considering head to Bike Park in wales for a biking holiday. A great place to start is with Halford beginners guide to Mountain Biking.

The best thing we love though about mountain biking is gathering up our friends and spending the day exploring with them and their kids and just having fun outdoors and on the bike. The boys adore riding through the muddy puddles and seeing how big a wave they can set off as the glide through a brook or stream. The dogs keep up with us and quite frankly that cup of coffee never tasted so good then after fun & mud in the fresh air with beautiful views!  

Disclaimer: this post is in collaboration with Halfords who kindly offered me vouchers in exchange for my honest views.

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