The Firepod

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Just about a year ago David Coward delivered to our house an item which has added so much joy and fun to our lives that I couldn’t imagine being without it now. The Firepod….

I had spent ages lusting over Tuscan pizza ovens and the beautiful outdoor lifestyle seen so much abroad but which we ultimately decided in our bit of England wouldn’t work. We couldn’t justify the space they take up and cost. I hadn’t heard of the Firepod at that point….

The Firepod is a beautiful pizza oven which I think every person in the UK should own. This gorgeous little oven comes with two different sized legs making it not only perfect for your back garden or balcony – it fits perfectly on a London balcony with 6 friends, I know, we tried! – but also the change in legs means it uniquely portable. We have taken our all-round the UK from camping, birthday parties, scout events and down the beach, alongside rivers and this summer it’ll be coming to Europe with us camping!

Because it’s so easy to use; we have managed 10 mins from being in the boot to having pizza in our stomachs it has barely had a rest. We spent all of last summer cooking pizzas and cooking on the hot stove. Then of course came winter and it moved up to the decking next to the BBQ to be covered but then we had fireworks night and friends came around and quite frankly why not fire it back up? That night has been one of favourite memories of last year and it was all down to our Firepod proudly turning out amazing pizza every couple of minutes. The kids got it to choosing their toppings and the adults all wanted a go to, never mind the cold and low temperatures we were kept warm by new friendships and hot pizza!

The design and quality of the Firepod has stood the test of usage – we realised in the past year we had cooked almost 500 pizzas in it. It has never looked out of place regardless of its area!

Your standard Firepod costs £395, which is incredibly good value (checkout below for a limited time offer over 30% off! This includes a Firepod oven on short legs, a Quadpod stand, 2 x pizza stones, Pizza peel (paddle), gas regulator, a pair of heat proof gloves and high-quality rain cover.

There is the choice then to choose added extras:
£145.00 - Hot Rock Cooking Set: an oak board; 4 sauce cups, bamboo tongs & bamboo spatulas. 

£125.00 - BBQ & Griddle Set: Reversible cast iron skillet & griddle, & a set of BBQ tools which include Tongs, Fork, Spatula, Brush & a Knife. 

The Firepod is made from 2mm thick steel, not the standard 0.7-1.2mm and is coated with high temperature enamel, not powder coated like cheaper variantsThe wooden legs are Malaysian Oak, one of the most eco-friendly woods in the world.

Currently Firepod are looking to expand around the world so why not snap up a deal now with this special deal here?

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