How to Keep Your Kids Busy this Summer

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

The summer holidays are quickly approaching, which means you face the yearly dread of finding enough fun activities for the kids so they’re not constantly moaning, “Mum, Dad, I’m so bored!”

But fear not fellow parents, in my experience I’ve found that a little extra planning before the holidays arrive helps you put plenty of activities together to keep them out of mischief (and your hair).
Here are just a few ideas to help get you started:

1. Cooking and Baking

Once a week, why not have a cooking or baking day? If you get the kids involved in this right from the start, perhaps letting them choose what they’d like to cook or bake from the ingredients you already have, they’ll be far more engaged in this activity. Then, help them as they work through the step-by-step instructions. And as tempting as it, try to avoid taking over too much (even if the mess gets a little out of hand at some points!).

2. Get Gardening

If you’ve got some spare room in the garden, you might want to try turning the kids into green-fingered gurus. Planting any veggies or flowers and nurturing them as they grow will give them huge satisfaction – and it might make them a little more tempted to try different vegetables at mealtimes.

3. Go Exploring

To make sure they’re getting plenty of fresh air and exercise, why not go exploring in your local park or nature reserve? From building dens to playing hide and seek, let their imaginations run wild as they explore these areas.
And if you struggle to get the kids active at times or they like to try new sports, you could add a fun element with roller skates. Or, there’s always the new-age heelys, which are available at places like Skatehut (you might even want to try a pair for yourself, too!).

4. Make a Film

Has rain stopped play? Don’t worry, now’s the time to make the most of the time you have inside, even if you have already done as much baking and cooking as you can.
If they’re old enough and have a playmate, tell them to try and recreate their favourite film/book or create their own. Or, you could take the leading role and put on a show for the rest of the family when they get home from work.

5. Enjoy a Chill Day

Finally, when they’re worn out from learning new skills, exploring new areas and becoming movie stars, why not enjoy a ‘duvet day’?
Put on some of your much-loved films and sit back and relax – I’m pretty sure you’ll welcome this day off as well!

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