Exploding Kittens

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I’m late on posting this as I’ve been in and out of hospital this month but it has meant that we’ve tested our latest board games from Asmodee considerably. Exploding Kittens!!!

 After being stuck in A & E for hours the other day and playing this none stop I warn you there might be a run on this game! I had it in my bag to play with the boys and we whipped it out when the boys were bored and starting to get grouchy. Out it came and oh my goodness!! It has the simplest rules and the boys were playing within seconds!!!

If you haven’t heard of it then you need to get out there and grab a pack quick. A hugely successful kickstarter campaign 219,382  people to be exact bought in over $8millions dollars for a good reason! This game is simple, fast and effective! Shuffle the cards and pop in one less exploding kitten than players! i.e 6 players 5 exploding kittens! Each player starts with a random 4 cards and an extra diffuse card. It’s the only card you can use to diffuse the exploding kitten!

If you use your diffuse card on an exploding kitten card you secretly get to place that exploding card anywhere back in the pack. There are added in cards which shuffle the remaining cards, skip your draw, attack – force the next player to pick up 2 cards!

This is just such a fun and fabulous game! It’s so quick & easy the kids end up taking it everywhere with them and it’s been superb and worth its RRP of £28.99 (its pretty much half this on amazon!) We’ve already purchased the expansions kit and the adult kit too for camping this year! I can’t really recommend this enough and what a perfect present for those awkward to buy for people and teenagers who have everything they need!

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