Your ticket to advancing your medical career

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

The medical field is one of the industries that is expanding. It’s doing this firstly because older nursing staff (and doctors) are retiring leaving a gap in the workforce, and secondly because of the baby boomer generation with a greater number of older people than ever before. The improvements in longevity due to better healthcare and improved nutritional diets means that treatment protocols are needed by more people which leads to an increasing demand for healthcare professionals at all levels.

Improve Career Prospects Through Nursing

The thing about a nursing career is that they’re able to move up through the ranks by better educating themselves. It’s not just on the job training, though that certainly helps too. They can start off as an RN and move up by studying for a master’s degree in the nursing field with different specializations. From there, there’s other options like the online post-master’s certification at Regis College.

Studying Online and Not on College Campus

When studying for a post-master’s certificate at Regis College Online, it’s easy to pick up the materials over the internet through secure access. The studying is completed in their own time by studying the materials at home, during lunch breaks and on days off work. Any presentations can be covered on video and are accessible either by downloading the video or streaming it directly from the college’s web servers.

Post-Master’s Certifications

The post-master’s certifications are a newer qualification perfect to take after graduating with a master’s degree. For qualified nurses with a masters who don’t feel they are ready to go for their doctorate yet (or simply don’t wish to do so), then a post-masters certificate is the next option to continue advancing their career in the healthcare profession.

There are two study routines to take:

The first route takes under two years to complete the course of study when aiming to move from the masters to the certified nurse practitioner. There is a focus on 5 papers with this course which cover health care for babies and children, female’s health, gerontology for adults, psychiatric mental health, and health of the family.
The second route has a central focus on psychiatric mental health and typically takes a year or less to qualify because of the intense attention to the central topic and not dividing time between five topics.

The field for the nurse practitioners is expanding. More and more U.S. states are approving the nurse practitioner role in the healthcare field within their state. This is because it’s a fairly new qualification type and not every state has caught up to the rapidly developing educational field for nurses where more options are arising every year. Not everyone is ready to move to the doctorate level and let’s face it, the costs of studying for the PhD is a challenge to pay for on a nurse’s salary. Because of this, the post-master’s certification allows nurses to further specialize and increase their knowledge which opens the door to different branches of nursing, such as pediatrics or women’s health specializations.

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