Ravensburger - Snowdrop Cottage

Monday, February 05, 2018

Ravensburger – THE place to go for jigsaw puzzles. Personally I love how diverse their puzzles are. While the ones I normally review on here are the pretty pictures I do urge you to go and look at the site! There are some completely crazy pictures which personally I think are impossible to complete to the wonderful amazing 3d puzzles. We have a globe that is pulled out by the kids on a regularly basis to be built!

Their attention to detail is of course what shines through in each puzzle. We’ve recently been trying to build Snowdrop Cottage – somewhat perfect this year as ours are surrounding our gardens. We haven’t got too far I have to admit but we have enjoyed it so much. The boys have been very into this one as it’s the spitting image of a local cottage. The scene is a beautiful cottage nestled in the gardens which are breaking through after winter. The odd patches of snow on the ground, the winter garden birds and the ducks admiring the frozen pond give the beautiful colours to the picture which means you can spend some lovely time rooting through the box for THAT colour to complete that little patch.

Snowdrop Cottage is no11 in the Country Cottage collection. 1000 pieces are made up with their gorgeous linen effect cover which prevents any glare if you build it in the spring sunshine. The finished picture measures 70cm by 50cm when its built up. Aged at 12years or over my youngest at 7 has happily spent a good hour or so hunting out the edged pieces and putting those edges he can together. Built as ever with Ravensburger soft click system you can’t spent hours building the puzzles wrong!

Snowdrop cottage is the perfect addition to the country cottage series and currently RRPs online for just under £12. We can highly recommend this, it’s just full of little interesting features which help build up to a fun jigsaw puzzle! 

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