A half term of ideas with the National Trust

Thursday, February 08, 2018

With half term just next week and the weather look somewhat unpredictable -why not turn to the National Trust for activities to keep your little ones busy? Most of you already know about their 50 things to do before you’re 11¾ s so why not choose this half term to complete as many as you can?

We love doing these activities so we try and make it a secret mission. See how many we can complete in one day! All across the UK the National Trust are running events that you can drop into and explore but if you’d rather take your own initiative why not pack your bag and head out?

Download the 50 things poster here and get started

Day 1 – Head to the beach! It’s awesome in winter! Sunny, dry and empty!!

No37 - Rockpooling – All over the coastline of Britain we have the most amazing rock pools!
No7 - Skim a stone
No20 - Jump the Waves
No39 - Catch a Crab

Day 2 A day at home or local park. Sometimes you just don’t want to head out and that’s fine!

No41 – Plant it, grow it, eat it! Highly recommend cress for this if you have kids with no patience like mine! The NT lunchboxes are perfect for growing a little garden in!
No6 – Run around in the rain
No1 – Climb a tree
No17 – Set up a snail race

Day 3 Go for a walk – be adventurous. Pop some snacks in a rucksack and head out your front door.

No19 – Play Pooh sticks
No31 – Hunt for bugs
No1 – Climb a tree
No22 – Explore inside a tree
No11 – Shove on your waterproofs and roll down a really big hill

Day 4  Grab some friends today and have fun!

No12 –Make a trail with sticks. Can you find each other?
No49 – Find a Geocache! What did the last person leave behind?
No26 -  Hunt for fossils and bones! Its amazing what you can find out in our countryside and coastline.
No47 – Cook on a campfire. Have a little bonfire and cook smores! Nothing better to end the day with!

Day 5 Look up your local National Trust – what events have they got on?

No23 - Visit a farm! Do you know how many farms the National Trust run?!
No40 – Go for a nature walk at night – remember to wrap up!

These are just some of the amazing things you can do with the National Trust this school holiday. If you cant fit it all in then start planning your weekends too!

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