4 Reasons You Should Consider Water Workouts

Friday, January 05, 2018

Fend up with the gym? Consider the pool instead! While many people may have a false view of water workouts, they should be more widely adopted because of the wide array of benefits for pretty much everyone.  Here are four great reasons everybody should consider water workouts.

Literal Flexibility

If you have limited mobility, that is much less of an issue once you’re in the water. Because the water buoys you up and you can wear a flotation belt to help you out, you can tailor your buoyancy to a degree that is flexible to you. If you’re slowly getting back up and moving again after an accident, the mobility you’ve relearned in your aqua fit sessions will allow you to regain your functions more easily. If you have been in an accident or are recovering from surgery, you can contact a Berea physical therapy and fitness training expert like Ferrell-Whited to get advice on a water workout that suits your current condition and helps you get back into shape.

Less Stress on Your Joints

Water workouts are often the first recommendation for those who have had knee replacement surgery or arthritis. This is because water buoys your weight, reducing the strain on ankles, knees, and hips. If you’re pregnant, walking laps in a pool or working out with light weights will reduce the strain on your back and hips, even if you have been advised to limit your physical activity.

Free of Judgement

A lot of people may be afraid to go to the gym because of its competitive environment. If you’re severely overweight or you are a novice, you might get intimidated by what can seem like a very hostile crowd at times.
Compare this to water workouts where everyone is on the same page and there to have a good time and support each other. Many will be in the same situation as yours, allowing you to bond on a deeper level. Another side benefit of water workouts is that it provides extra support for those with poor balance who can’t perform things like Pilates or yoga.


For some reason, a lot of people equate water workouts with people doing slow stretches and calisthenics. While these types of water workouts are still available, you can now find programs like water yoga, water tai chi, and post-natal water workouts that let moms bring their baby along. If you’re trying to improve your endurance, running in water or team sports while swimming is an excellent demanding workout. This is why water polo burns far more calories than playing volleyball and why runners and cyclists often work in the water to improve their cardio fitness.

Water workouts have tons of benefits for everyone, no matter your age, size, or strength level. They allow you to get back into shape after an accident or injury, allow you start moving without putting stress on your joints, and are a great workout for people looking to burn calories fast. It also offers a supportive environment for those who feel like the gym is just too intimidating for them.

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