Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Today I can finally tell you about the fabulous toy which has kept the boys off their tablets and computer and super excited for the past couple of days!

Smashers are an amazing and fun new collectable sports toy for kids which are in the shops from today! The boys have loved these plastic toys which you physically have to smash – we’ve smashed them against anything from a tree to a box – and once smashed you get to the sports themed collectable character inside. The bit I love the best? The shattered ball can be rebuilt and smashed again and again! Just imagine how fab these will be come Easter – Smasher egg hunt…?!

Smashers sent us a huge piñata to launch their toys and the boys had the best afternoon bashing this up and exploring the new world of smashers! We had a range of products – they start at just £1.99 (love how affordable they are) and once you’re started you can collect, battle and score as each one has their own Smash Point Value. This allows for extended play – something which we haven’t even started after three days of playing!
The first series which you can grab in the shops today is based on Football World Cup in June!! Alongside rare Sports & Golden Trophies you can collect both good and bad sports characters! ALL Smashers come with a Smashball, a Smashers Character and a Collectors guide so you’re good to go from the very first one!

There is a huge range of products you can buy to help with your collection, so brave the sales and head to your local shop – our local small supermarket even has them – and spend a lovely hour with your feet while your kids enter the world of SMASHERS!

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  1. Have you managed to rebuild them ? I'm struggling with the last piece ..any hints?