Make your own Mistletoe Ring - National Trust How To

Monday, December 04, 2017

This weekend is the time I spend making my wreath to go on my door. I have previously shown here the National Trust how to for a Christmas Wreath and while being incredibly popular some of you commented you didn’t have the time for this sort of wreath. 

So why not this year then make a simple but gorgeous Mistletoe Kissing Ring? Click on the link below to find out more about these gorgeous rings.

You can use anything that’s long, thin and flexible like willow or dogwood, anything that will bend into a full circle. Ours are about 15cm in diameter but you can make any size you want. It’s easy to add extra bits. Perhaps holly or a leafy branch on the final layer, or brighten it up with some ribbon. Don’t be afraid to be creative.


1. Pick a smooth branch and bend it so that it forms a rough circle
Step 1: use slim pliable stems to form your ring

2. Take a second branch, bend and weave that around the first
Step 2: weave a second branch in and out around the first

3. Repeat this process with several more branches, weaving them together. You’ll find natural gaps to weave through, and the branches will begin to lock in place as more are added to strengthen the weave. 
Step 3: continue with other branches; try to get an even spacing of foliage

4. Use secateurs to trim off any excess until you’re satisfied with the final shape.

Step 4: trim with secateurs; you can leave smaller stems loose for a softer look

5. Hook your mistletoe through a small gap in the weave so that it hangs into the circle.
Step 5: push a cluster of mistletoe with berries into the ring's centre from the top

6. Use a loop of string, twine or ribbon to hang it in your chosen location.

6. your natural kissing ring can be decorated with mistletoe berries or ribbon

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