Paddington Bear Fun

Thursday, November 09, 2017

As you all know we love Ravensburger and with the launch of  the M & S advert this week featuring that rather gorgeous bear I can’t wait to show you the latest puzzle they sent us to review!

Is it lovely? As ever with Ravensburger, Paddington Bear is full of tiny little extra details and no less in this portrait of Paddington. With his iconic marmalade sandwich and blue duffle coat, he poses against a colourful backdrop of London themed Postage stamps! It’s just completely gorgeous and pretty and will no doubt be a huge seller this year!

With 1000 pieces it’s a little more than a child’s jigsaw but our boys couldn’t wait to get stuck in to it. A couple of happy evenings were spent pouring over the boxes taking out the edges. It has been one of the more difficult puzzles to complete but by no less fun. Its laid as ever on the table and you can’t help but walk pass and try and get in the odd piece.

The puzzle is aimed at over 12yrs – however while my 7yr old struggled he loved doing this! When finished the puzzle makes up to 70cm by 50cm and has the Ravensburger soft click system so we know that the right piece is in the right place! The picture is printed with a linen finish so there is no glare on the picture and offers a highly detailed picture. The stamps which form the back ground of the picture are made up of detailed drawings such as Big Ben, The House of Parliament, Trafalgar Square etc. It really is a whole family puzzle. 

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