Tiles For A Scandinavian Bathroom

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

If you’ve got a redecorating project on your hands you will have undoubtedly sifted though countless websites and interior design magazine looking for your perfect look. From this, you may have noticed one trend that stand out from all of the rest. The Scandinavian design. Focusing on simplicity, minimalism and neutral tones, the Scandinavian look is suitable for any room in any property.

The scandi look stems from an industrial chic aesthetic that incorporates softer curves and colours for a more homely feel. The key way to achieving the scandi look in your bathroom or kitchen if with the use of tiles. The tiles are the centre point of your design and allow you to build and work around their incredible look. With a few clever and simple design tricks, you too can get this great look.

White Square Tiles

Simple and sweet, a white square tile can give you the start to that gorgeous finish in your bathroom or kitchen. The square tile gives the classic and timeless look that will ultimately give you an advantage when it comes to selling on in the future. The white colour gives you that monochromatic look that the scandi look requires but also gives you a clean cut and modern feel too. White square tiles tend to be manufactured in either porcelain or ceramic making them a cheaper alternative too - ideal if you’re on a budget, and who isn’t really!

White Metro Tiles

Undoubtedly, the metro tile will instantly transform your bathroom or kitchen in to a retro wonderland. The metro tile has a rich history thanks to its heavy use on the London Underground in the early 1900s. Since then, they earned themselves the vintage status that makes them great for any kind of industrial look. For an authentic metro tile look you ideally want to look for a metro with a gloss finish. The gloss gives you a beautiful shine that can help smaller rooms appear larger and also makes cleaning that bit easier. Top tip, couple a white metro tile with a darker or black floor for a strong contrasting look that will make your floor space look larger and your walls seem taller. Great for smaller bathrooms or kitchens in particular.

Hexagon Tiles

An unexpected frontrunner lately is the hexagon tile. Favoured for its geometric shape, the hexagon tile gives your wall or floor a beautiful sense of fluidity and pattern. If you’re looking for something a little unusual and eye-catching, the hexagon tile is perfect. Paired with a contrasting grout colour to make the unique shape really pop, the hexagon tile is great for scandi homes.

Wood Effect Tiles

Finally, if you’re wanting something a little more Germanic in appearance, opt for a wood effect tile. These tiles give you that stunning wood effect in appearance, but offer all of the practical benefits of a tile. This really is the best of both worlds tile and is ideal for getting the Scandinavian look. It’s warmth and rustic feel can immediately improve the overall aesthetic of your bathroom or kitchen for a more sophisticated design.

Pair any of these tiles with natural coloured accessories such as towels or place mats to round off the look with a slightly softer feel. Think exposed metals, potted plants and natural colours for a winning combination. The Scandinavian look is popular for one key reason, it’s simplicity. You don’t need to splash the cash to get this look which is what makes it so appealing. So there you have it, a few simple ways of transforming your home with some cheap tiles that won’t break the bank! 

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