Morning Rush Breakfasts

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Like many family’s with school children around the UK mornings are manic. Do matter how prepared we are the night before hand the following day we are on the run. This makes me quite cross in winter and autumn when the mornings damp and cold and the kids need something a little more in their tummy before they start school.

Now you might like me remember when we were children there was a tv advert which sent children off to school with a glow in their tummy? It was of course the fabulous Ready Brek! We try no matter everyone’s schedule to have breakfast together and I do prefer to give them something warm and filling. It’s a long hard slog till lunch otherwise with one heading off on a long commute and the boys having a full morning of school. This is where my 30+ long years of love with Ready Brek comes into force! It is so unbelievable versatile and there is a different option for every one of us. With me and youngest as well suffering from not being able to have gluten most cereal brands and morning breakfasts aren’t an option and those that are left are heaving in sugars! Ready Brek is a rare cereal which aside from having NO added salt or sugar it also is provided with Vitamin Bs & D and calcium!

36 years of warming me! 
So how do we have ours? Well a firm favourite here of course is to have it the traditional quick way of just 30g of Ready Brek, topped up with 150ml milk (water for us milk for the boys) and in less than 90 seconds you have a steaming hot bowl ready for you! Being smooth the boys never quibble about it and we go the extra and top it with grapes and honey! One of their five a day and they don’t even notice it!

At the weekends when we have a little more time we have been known to yank out the maple syrup a dear friend bought back from Canada and make up Ready Brek pancakes! They are incredibly simple. Again just 30g Ready Brek, 2 eggs, 1/2tsp honey & 50ml of milk! Whisk and cook up and serve with warmed maple syrup and raspberries for a truly scrumptious weekend treat!

So how do you take yours? In a smoothie? Bread? Protein Balls or traditional? Take a look at the Ready Brek site for more ideas & recipes or share yours below!

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