Blogger Board Game Club: CODENAMES

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

As our first task on being a member of the Blogger Board Game Club with Playtime PR we were sent the fabulous game – Codenames to play. In exchange for an honest review of the games we receive an exclusively handpicked board game to review and play! Designed by Esdevium games it’s a like a subscription box for board games! Heaven!

In Codenames two teams of a minimum of two should make contact with all their agents first. The Spymasters (captains of the team) have a special “map” of their agents and they must give one word hints and clues about as many “agents names” on the board to their team mates. If the team mate guess the correct words then they can cover their agent. Just be careful though to avoid the assassin!

We played the game with some of our friends one evening so had two teams of three. They suggest making the teams of equal ability which was quite good fun but we did find that the younger players at 7 & 8 did struggle a little with the game.

We had a fair few games throughout the evenings which lasted even after the kids went off to bed! We all had a fabulous time and the games could last anywhere between 15minutes and in one case nearly an hour! It was a huge amount of fun and the joy when you get a word long before your friends on the other team get one is tremendous! We loved how quick moving it could be and how you could go from being 6 agents behind to suddenly sweeping the board and winning in two goes!

The game takes literally seconds to set up and as long as you have a team of four you’re good to go pretty much anyway! It’s been safely packed in our bag for taking camping this week! 

We loved that codenames worked around the ability of the players we had on our teams! We’ve played with a huge range of ages now and each one ends up with tears of laughter and a superb evening!

We’d highly recommend the game for gatherings and especially over the summer holidays with everyone around! The more the merrier in this game! It RRPs at £16 but you currently grab a bargain on Amazon now at £13.89

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