Where will Travelodges #FamilyFestivalQuiz take you?

Friday, July 28, 2017

As a person, I’ve been going to festivals since I was teenager as a mum well we’ve changed the festivals we go to but it hasn’t stopped us going. We first took the boys about 5 years to the Elderflower Fields Festival – a local amazing family festival. I didn’t sleep well however the boys adored it and we proceeded to go yearly ever since. As they’ve got older though we branched out and headed to Jimmys Festival and eyed up Bestival for a fair few years too.

For a cheaper price than a holiday you can keep yours kids (and adults) entertained. We’ve even been in rain and wind storms and all have enjoyed what’s going on. We do tend to head for the outdoors wildlife style festivals but there are so many around suited for different families. In fact why not try out Travelodges #FamilyFestQuiz to check out what your family’s festival personality is?

We took it and loved the idea of the Deer Shed festival! How cool to den make and pyrograph! I think we’ll have to book up for this one next year! The boys love the idea of a science line up and that they can head off to sporty events, music or shows if they want to as well! As they’re getting slightly older this sounds the perfect festival to us.

We’ve just come back from Jimmys Festival last weekend – thanks Travelodge!  where the boys made and launched paper rockets, learnt how to make a sausage – guess what we have planned over the holidays, they went to the circus and watched headliners Scouting for Girls. All three boys were fascinated by the foraging man and couldn’t wait to explore the farm either! A perfect weekend in hazy sunshine.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the quiz & Travelodges top family festival list.

Still not sure? Heres my top list for having fun with kids at a festival!

Wipes & Water: I’m a clean freak! While I love my boys to go crazy in mud, den building & pond dipping I do demand a cleanness to their hands before they then eat. Most festivals have portaloos without running water. We take a pack of wipes and a small hand soap and water bottle in our rucksack for a clean-up!

Relax: Everyone is in the same situation as you! If they go to bed late, have a meltdown or don’t eat their five a day…it’s just one weekend!

Fun: We love going to these events with friends & families and that way even if the kids don’t want to do the same things as we can all have a quiet 5 minutes with coffee to recharge.

Accommodation: We’ve camped but don’t stress! Why not stay at a Travelodge? For many its works out the same price as a camping ticket and you have a real working shower & toilet! BONUS!

Enjoy: Its one weekend!! Kick back and channel your inner festival goer!

Have you taken your kids to festivals? Why not brave one this summer! I’d love to hear where your perfect Family Festival is and which is on your bucket list to visit!

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