Craft Time Mosaic - My Pretty Journal Review

Sunday, July 30, 2017

At the start of the summer holidays we have some lovely friend come to stay. We had lots of plans to go out and about and down to the beach but then of course the cold weather and rain hit. The boys were quite happy to go off and play nerf gun games but our friend also has a lovely little girl who didn’t really want to be shot at! This provided the perfect opportunity for me as we have been sent a fabulous set – Craft Time Mosaics – My Pretty Journal to review.

The journal has everything you need to get started on decorating it as soon as you open the box. A lovely selection of colourful foam mosaic tiles and some gem stickers. The inside is a pretty lined notepad.

Of course, all girls big and small want their own notepad and at 8yrs old this was whisked out of my hands as she immediately set into it. The pink was loved and very much approved of as were all the colours. It was great for us adults that each square is lined in the appropriate colour so she could get stuck in while we managed to put up feet up with a cup of coffee and relax.

The sparkles were superb and brought much chattering and delight as each was examined and we all loved the fact that there were more than enough of these tiles so that she could throw one away if placed for too long and also to decorate her pencil and pencil case with after.

It did make me chuckle as it wasn’t till the end that she realised that the mosaic she had been making and playing with turned into a butterfly when the notebook was open!

The whole set was nice and easy to get stuck into – the tiles lift up easily and they are clear on way to place them. The squeals of delight throughout the whole she spent decorating this really shot up the product in my opinion. I would love them to create a boy version now for my boys to do as this is superb! It retails at £9.99 and was definitely worth it! 

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