Thinning Hair Help

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Did you know that your hair changes every 7 years? Really! It’s possible for dead straight hair to develop a wave, thin hair to become thick and vice versa. And then you also have the dreaded hair day! Hair is such a huge huge part of who are and your confidence that the odd change to hair isn’t the end of the world but when it starts to thin and it isn’t a one-off is can be an incredibly heart breaking. Confidence can be lost and while some hair styles can help (see below) when it becomes long term something more dramatic than a new hairstyle is needed. This is where it’s worth considering Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment which allows a permanent replacement.

So, if you only have light or temporary (new baby, stress etc.) then what can you do?


Thin hair means you are suddenly more likely to get sunburn on your scalp, sun creams have come a long way and not all are oily but hey there are some gorgeous sun hats around these days! Channel your inner 1950’s goddess and buy a beautiful large one! It covers all manners of sins!


Use cooler water – hot water dehydrates your hair and can make it more prone to damage and snapping. Also, consider shampoos with biotin, this helps make your hair, skin & nails stronger.


Mousse! First on use a wide tooth comb to get rid of tangles and then massage mousse in to the roots this helps adds volume, also try and dry with your head upside down! Then use your fingers to help when drying. This helps limit the stress on your hair when its wet and helps prevent breaking. Polish the ends with a round brush.
Dry shampoo is your friend between washes here, but just remember not to pile product up in your hair – it weighs your hair down! This also stands for conditioner. If you must, apply it at the ends only.


Avoid flat irons, again if you must, work on the ends only.
Go for a sophisticated long, bobs can release the weight and give your hair depth and texture. A great way to disguise thinning hair on the front is with bangs and fringe!

Good luck and why not check out this fab post on giving your hairstyles and hacks more volume and depth.

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