Paul Lamond Murder Mystery

Friday, June 09, 2017

We love a good cosy crime in our house and one of our favourite viewings is settling down to watch a nice Death in Paradise. So when we offered to review a Paul Lamond Murder Mystery Game based on Death In Paradise we had to say YES!

 The Lady & The Lizard is set on Saint Marie and the investigation is looked after by none other than DI Humphrey Goodman! And of course, will the islands history of murder there’s no chance you can escape it!

The plot line is that this is the first trip the rich Jeremy Nono has taken to Saint Marie but as of yesterday morning it was also his last after he was found murdered in a rented apartment, tied to a chair and strangled. Strange letterings were found painted on the body! And it’s your job to use the clues and investigating your friends to find out which one of you is the murderer!

We decided to play this at home but due to illness, we didn’t get around to dressing up. However, this in no way took the fun out of the game! Preselected beforehand the invites and character booklets were sent out with their roles, background info, and a few little secrets! Also in the book, you have a couple of menu ideas to make the meal authentic and a useful CD to help set the scene and of course round up in true Humphrey style….
The Lady & the Lizard murder mystery is for 6-8 players and suitable for teens up….

We popped on some fun Caribbean music and cooked up some scrummy food as given in the booklet to help set the scene and started to greet out guests! The party planner helps you throughout the evening and hints when to play the CD, what food to serve, decorations ideas etc Each booklet that the characters had have a start where you discover what you can reveal and what to reveal when promoted. You can only read up to a certain point though in the game before you should stop and allow the cd to take on some of the story.

We found that you had to have 8 players as despite the two characters we had not being used they also held a fair amount of information and in a couple of places were needed in the scripted conversations which confused us a little. We did also struggle to figure out how to start but found a way which worked for us and got stuck in!

It was great fun to play and every person seemed to have a motive for the murder! We also discovered it was leading us down a couple of false lines! After everyone has had a go at guessing who the murderer is you pop on Humphrey for the final revelation and reasoning.

We had great fun and it was a perfect way to spend an early summer evening! I would recommend giving one of the games ago. Everything you need to run the game is in the box but why not go the whole hog and dress up! This is the third Paul Lamond game we’ve done the first I’ve reviewed. They are such great fun and a fabulous way to spend an evening!

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