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Saturday, May 13, 2017

For quite a few years now I’ve been a fan of natural ingredients where I can no less than in my skin care. Having fairly sensitive skin I hate the chemicals in so many products which leave me skin red and sore to touch.

I tend to use where I can the traditional remedies, the beer rinses, the avocado face mask and of course the oil and salt scrubs! And I love them but trying to find a natural remedy for moisturising had left my lost. Shop bought honey didn’t seem to do the trick so I was rather excited to try the Latin Honey Shop. They asked me to review their Raw Volcano Sunflower Honey either in beauty products or recipes. Raw honey is by far the best style of honey you can get. Honey is superb as a natural antibiotic and has some incredibly anti-inflammatory properties both internally & externally. Having been advised by m y doctor to upgrade my honey to raw where I could I have noticed that these properties are stronger in the natural raw organic styles.

So, the Latin Honey Shop Raw Organic Volcano Sunflower Honey is bright yellow honey. Not runny like the deep amber honeys it’s not solid either! Its slightly gritty and tastes beyond amazing on fresh toast! However, despite being one of the rarest honeys in the world, it is amazing in skin care. Being naturally gritty it makes an excellent light exfoliant.
As such it went straight into some of my favourite easy to make skincare’s:

Moisturising Lip Buffer
1tsp Jojoba Oil
1tsp Coconut Oil
1tbsp Raw Volcano Sunflower Honey
1tbsp Brown Sugar

Mix together all the ingredients and place in a small pot. Apply the buffer using a fingertip and gently rub across the lips. Leave for a couple of minutes and then rinse of with warm water.

Brightening Facial
6tbsp milk powder
1tbsp honey
Dry Skin: 1 medium banana
Oily or combination: 6 Strawberries

Mash the fruit in a bowl then add the honey and milk powder. Smooth all over your face and leave for a minimum of 10mins.

These are my two favourites skincare recipes for use with the Latin Honey Shop honey and my skin is amazing. I no longer suffer from breakouts or dry skin. It is now bright, youthful and moisturised! Find out more about the benefits of Raw Honey and the range of honeys you can purchase from the Latin Honey Shop here.

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