Simply Swim - Review

Saturday, April 15, 2017

My youngest is not confident in the pool. He hates been splashed and we wont even start about sticking our head under water. The eldest on the hand is a little water fish and spends more time under the water than above!

We go once a week to a gorgeous local pool which is lovely and warm and nice quiet to build up the youngest confidence. Simply Swim offered to send us some products to help boost it further. Well I couldn’t wait; they have such fabulous products. So, I chose some big grown up swimming pants for the boys and waterproof bags, swimming twice a week at school after Easter! Soggy school books are not a good look, but I also chose some fun stuff.

These have bought so much fun to our swim sessions. They started with youngest throwing them for our eldest to dive in for. Then slowly he wanted to get them. In the shallow end, he started off using his feet and by the end of our hour he was stretching his arm down and getting his face wet to get them. Of course, the eldest still loves throwing them in the deep end and diving down for them. The flashy lights are just great and add hugely to the enjoyment factor and make it easier for the eldest to find them. We’ve used them pretty much all hour for at least 6 sessions and the lights are still going strong!

This is just soooooo much fun! Ours is orange and turquoise and bright and perfect for boys! Made of strong silicone you slip your feet in the foot pocket and start kicking! Its superb for building up the legs muscles while the kids try out the dolphin kick. Its one size but it fits in my youngest and even if I could fit my feet in too. Its great fun to play with in the pool and its being taken with us to the beach this weekend!

All in all Simply Swim offer superb products for families to swim with and they were also great n price and packaging! 

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