Lego Bat Mobile Review

Monday, March 27, 2017

You’d have to have been locked up on a private island for the past couple of months to be immune to one of the latest movie which has hit our screen! The Lego Batman Movie has taken the audience by storm and has quickly become much loved for all ages.
So in recent years Lego had launched a Batmobile which was slowly tweaked with each new release. The latest model – Batmobile 70905 comes from the film and can be transformed into different Batmobiles as he needs!

The set is fabulous and comes with Batman of course and included with it are Robin, the Kabuki twins and man bat. It’s the standard batman figure from the film which according to the boys is a must have! Robin is also identical to the film with his very tight pants and a yellow cape.

The set is broken up into 5 packs – this got huge ooohs from the boys – and two instruction booklets. The packets as always with Lego have some smaller pack inside and I liked how each pack had a figure it so that it was spaced out with the building.
The boys spent the afternoon building the set – about 3 hours without any help from grown ups except in the applying of the stickers to the right place. They loved the finish set and I’ve been struggling ever since to get a picture of it! It takes pride of place in the eldest room at night and has been played with every day since.

The set has wonderful added extras – at least compare to the Lego in my time. There are rockets on either side of the batmobile to launch rockets at your enemies and also located at the back is a purple twiddle which raises the cockpits roof ready for the action boys to jump out of!

The Bat Mobile was sent to us to review by KidsToysClub who are a perfect place to start when toy shopping!  

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