Saturday, March 18, 2017

Recently we were sent a huge bundle of Knorr Naturally Tasty spaghetti bolognaise mixes to hand out to the local mums in my area. We have a lot of allergy’s so we’re big on making food from scratch in our household and we all get involved at dinner time. Sometimes though when we’re tired and we’ve been out all day we want a quick healthy meal without having to cook a tasty sauce for an hour or so!

 So you can imagine our delight at trying out Knorr new mix! The mix is made up of spices and herbs blends and is great that it has no artificial preservatives and contains only natural ingredients. Fabulous – especially with kids in the family.

We’d used a couple of samples. One in traditional spaghetti bolognaise but tonight with friends round and an afternoon spent mucking about in the swimming pool we decided to try mixing it up and add it to shepherd’s pie. The herbs and spice were close to what we would normally chuck it but cut down the prep time but a good half hour!
It made the cooking so much easier and the kids and their friends got involved and helped us out. The sauce was made up and cooked and we popped mash potato on top and sprinkled grated cheese over the top! Excuse the photos as the dinner was whisked away as soon as it was served up it smelt soo good!

Half an hour later and there wasn’t a plate left in the house with food left on! Also, no kids refusing to eat it as they could see onion. Dinner was an absolute pleasure which with 7 kids in the house and 4 adults is no mean task!

I love how universal these sachets are. We have kept aside a couple for other selves to keep in the pantry for those evenings we’re running late or are just too tired. I can’t actually wait to try out the other mixes and see what I can use those in. Considering the packets retail at 89p and can be found in most major supermarkets I think they are well worth stocking up on and trying out! To find out more about Knorr Naturally Tasty and see what other packets and mixes are on offer take a look here. https://www.knorr.com/uk/knorr-products/naturally-tasty.html 

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