Garden planning for Summer

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

As ever with the start of Spring and these gorgeous sunny days our thoughts here are turning to the garden. The daffy o dills are up and leaves are popping up all over our fruit trees. We have spent the last year or two trying to get to grips with our garden. With this handling though the roses are coming up well this year and the floor is surrounded by wild strawberry plants.

We also have uncovered a gorgeous nook which is paved and has walls around three sides and makes the perfect sun trap! So of course, we must find something to take this place. I love looking at Fishpools online as they have some gorgeous accessories including a fab storage bench that we want to incorporate in the garden but I’ve found it useful to figure out what to do with the sun trap.

I would love somewhere to lounge about in the garden. We did consider a hammock but found that it was as easy as I would to get in and out of!! Also if the kids see you sitting or lying don in the garden they want to come and join you for a snuggle and there just isn’t room in a hammock. Sooo we started to wonder about day beds.  They are fabulous and offer you some shade – great with the little ones. The cushions are waterproof which is perfect after paddle pooling and of course if you spill your pimms down! I LOVE the ones which have stools and coffee tables tucked in with it! It turns it from a day bed to a useful evening lounger which you can enjoy with friends and family around the bbq! How glorious will that be come those long hazy summer evenings with the ever-promised heatwave? Personally, I can’t wait!

So tell me, what do you have in your garden to lounge in? Do you go for loungers or table and dining tables? Have you got a sun trap and do you have any suggestions for plants to grow around the walls?

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