Thursday, December 15, 2016

With the last posting dates looming now’s the time to get your parcels out and delivered to ensure they arrive in plenty of time for Christmas. But just how can you make that delivery a little easier for all involved?
 Well first off I would check out some of these top tips from Contact Numbers it even includes the last posting date if you want to send via courier! It covers a superb breakdown and with numerous experience with couriers I can highly recommend TNT – use contacts numbers to give them a call and get your parcel issues sorted!

So now how to wrap the parcel to get there safely and attractively! I rather love with parcel wrapping them up in brown paper packaging. It’s in a song for a reason! And at Christmas why not add decorative string and add a sprig of flowers or herbs or a wooden gift tag? Or head down to your local craft shop and pick up some red and white scandi washi tape? It’ll look stunning against the paper? If you’re set on wrapping paper, why not make sure you go for the one with lines on the back? It helps you get a perfect cut and edge. Or if you can’t fold over the edge of the paper before taping in place.

The boys used to love spending the Christmas holidays potato stamping my brown paper. Grab a stencil if you don’t feel artistic and some sparkly gold paint and voila you have stunning bespoke paper and happy children!

Once your gorgeous gifts are wrapped how do you keep them looking beautiful? Well Contact numbers have some great ideas on their site like getting a second hand box and using scrunched up newspaper in the corners and around the edges to prevent parcels from knocking about and getting damaged. I like to use bubble wrap around the edges myself and rather than newspaper, since its Christmas and all, I like coloured tissue paper that blends with my wrapping scheme!

Check out contact number on twitter for some more great advice!

This post was written in collaboration with Contact Numbers

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