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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

When we moved into our house we noticed on moving in day that throughout the house there were bits of skirting board missing. Some had been moved to another part of the house. Other parts had hidden by strategic placing of furniture. It was a bit of a blow but not really to be expected having noted other odd DIY bodge jobs around the homes. It’s the main reason we got the house for the price we did but!! That in mind we have spent a year with the skirting board missing from our hall way and the most awful carpet which had bare patches, pulled away from the wall or just shrunk.

Before (1)

So its been on our to do list for a while but we had been working on a budget expecting it to cost us a fortune. Then The Skirting Board Shop offered us the chance to review some. Of course we immediately googled them and boy was it miles more cheaper than we were expecting. Also they have some truly gorgeous designs. We wanted something a little different than bog standard plain board and choose the rather gorgeous Ogee fully finished and ready to go! What delighted my husband is the gap inside for running cables along (we have a lot of cables in our house) neatly and without the need for sliding it under the wall between the carpet. It creates a much cleaner finish.

Before (2)

Well we decided then to head to a local carpet store and see perhaps if we could get an end of roll which might fit the hallway. We chose an amazing high quality neutral carpet which covers the corridor and also the main hallway for a stunning price of £15. We did then spend an extra £15 on adhesive for the skirting board and a carpet tucker.

During (note the wrapping - totally waterproof)
Roll on Saturday afternoon and measuring and cutting time. We are lucky enough that we have a special saw which cuts at angles and allowed us to get a clean finish on the skirting board on corners but within an house we had the corridor and part of the hallway finished and ready to carpet. Cutting around the door frames and discovering that the corridor in the hall was a different width in three places caused a little trouble for first time newbies but we had strong advice not to cut a template but to pull the carpet and cut in place. 

After (1) 

Phew an hour and half later and wahoo. Quite frankly an amazing difference! We couldn’t believe how easy the carpet skirting board and carpet were to do and to achieve such a high end finish. It now shows up the walls which will be painted asap!

As I said before we have a great tool for cutting angles but the skirting board was a great quality and really looks high quality and adds a stunning and elegant touch to the rooms.

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  1. I think Skirting Board is just one of those things that you don’t really notice until it looks awful – and then suddenly when you replace it, it’s like the whole room has been transformed! I know that’s how I felt when we did ours. We also got an end of roll bit of carpet super cheap. One of the best ways to save money!

  2. I have just ripped out all mine to fit new laminate (minus the beading) and it all now needs glossing! amazing what a difference it makes.. Your's is fab! #HomeEtc

  3. Wow - good work there, that's no mean feat #HomeEtc

  4. That's so funny — we've literally just done the same in the last week!!! Some of ours was rotten and we didn't realise until we came to fit new carpets. It makes such a difference doesn't it? Fab post! Caro x #HomeEtc