Contiboard Blogger Challenge

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Last month Conti@Home asked if we would like to take part in their blogger challenge and create using their fabulous covered chipboard a storage unit. Well we are always in need of storage so we immediately said yes and thought about what to make. We have bookcases already in the lounge in white and wanted something that would tie in with this.

The dream....just need to order the foam now!

One thing I’ve always wanted though is a bench – I’d love a window bench but no window in the lounge would work for this so we decided on a storage bench! The site is incredibly easy to use and work out sizes. If you cant decide between colours you can always order a free sample. We decided on Vanilla ice and ordered the sides bottoms and tops. They reminded us we might also want some tape to tidy up the cut edges! Having figure out how we would create this – It’s a simple box after all we went ahead and waited for the ContiBoard to arrive. Which it did about 48hrs later perfect.

3 Simple Steps to order

 That weekend was lovely and hot so we took the wood outside and go started. Having made the best up rather easily we decide to strengthen the corners and the middle with spare wood we have lying around. As we started to measure up the top we realised that since its such good quality it’s also rather heavy and I had vision of them either being shut inside by the other or having the top fall down on their head when tidying away. We looked at soft shut hinges but decided on making the top in to three. It’s great for tidying up and personally I think its looks rather good! Thank goodness conti@home reminded us to get the edging tape for the sides!

Getting started!

A quick dash down to the village stores and we had enough hinges to go!
This was a perfect project for the weekend and I was amazed by how much we could actually fit in our chest! The boys love it too and you often walk into the lounge to find them laying across it with the dogs or cats at their feet while they are whisked away in reading.

The tools we used were a hacksaw, my ryobi cordless circular saw, screws and electric screwdriver measuring tape and hinges!

Quite a few friends have commented on it since we built and all have thought we bought it the same places as our book shelves. It was very easy to work with and is incredibly study. We both have a decent level of DIY but I think if you’re just starting give it and go and why not use one of the step by step sheets on the Contiboard inspiration site? We’re already planning in cupboard storage next and perhaps some storage or desk for the boys rooms! Why not make some bookcases too? 

We received our Contiboard products in exchange for a true and honest opinion. 

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  1. What a brilliant idea! And it’s such a large bit of storage too but multifunctional.

  2. Conti is such amazing stuff isn't it??! We made a shelving unit in Conti board for my she-shed!! Love your storage seat — looks amazing!! I bet your chuffed to bits with it :) Thanks so much for sharing :) Caro #HomeEtc