Shaggy Rug Styling

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

One of the big home design styles this year that I have seen and adore is the recent love for the stylish shaggy rug. Not just the 70’s long haired synthetics orange rugs but the contemporary twists, the natural fibres, the gorgeous patterns and deep colours you just want to sink your feet into.

Gracing the front cover of HGTV magazine

Long gone are the styles from the 60’s and 70’s, the fashionable and up to date shaggy rugs offerings are even gracing the pages of Vogue and Country Life. They look incredibly stylish in the minimalist homes and wonderfully luxurious is a gorgeous old farmhouse. They offer a softening and extravagant touch to homes; I dream of standing on one barefoot one in front of an AGA myself.

One of my friends locally is renovating an old barn and the playroom has specially been designed around a multi-coloured shaggy rug of perfection! Long enough for children to want to run barefoot across but not so long it hides Lego and other barefoot horrors.

The pin my friend is styling her room on.
 Isnt  it just gorgeous?
So what do look for before you turn your home with their luxury twists? Firstly make sure they are handwoven. The last thing you want is bits of rugs following your around the home! Colour! White might look luxurious but a cream or a deep colour will add warmth and if like us you have children and pets it will also hide a multitude of muddy footprints! Style. You can now get shaggy rugs in most shape and sizes. Work with the room you have and make your rug shape works with you. Check out this article for getting your shape perfect.

A big plus I find is that they are just as stylish whether thrown down on a tile floor or over a carpet. In fact I think I might just have to invest in a fair few for our new kitchen. I might just get the deep red one ready for my AGA some day! 

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