Back to School Help - Free Printable!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

The lovely people over at My Voucher Codes have created a fabulous print off list to help you and your children getting ready for school. I have everything ready, the uniform, the PE kit and the lunch but you can guarantee that first date back in September I will forget in the mad rush at least of these and have to go running back down the hill before first break in the hope no one has noticed!  

It’s a fabulous list that you and your children can pin up on the fridge and tick off together as you get ready in the last few weeks and which you can tick off as you head out the door. There’s even a fab bit at the end for you to add in your last minute or individual requirements! We have to have ready our Forest School kits, wellies and swimming costumes and it’s normally these I forget and the boys so loving worrying about, school uniform to them does not hold the same attraction as being ready to climb trees or cooking over a fire!

So I will be printing off one for each of my boys to help me tick off (which child doesn’t love ticking off lists) and to gentle remind me about. It’s a free printable so click here to download your own

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