Technology challenges?

Friday, January 23, 2015

Waiting for the bells to be rung up at practice this week I was discussing my blog with one of the other members. In his late forties he’s started up his own business but has plateaued a bit though so I was up selling social media to him and the joys of twitter, blogging your company and facebook. If I though he looked blank then when I touched on SEO I think he was prepared to chuck it all in and take early retirement! How can you explain to someone who barely uses a computer and an email how much the world of social media is now linked to sales? And with that being the case does it mean if you aren't up on the latest platforms and digital technology that your company will flop? Thankfully I pointed out that there was fabulous companys like Total Media who run this for you.

It did make me chuckle though until I really thought about it. He produces the most amazing hand crafted wooden furniture and toys but has been left floundering because technology and techniques have changed so much in such a short time. Twitter is after not even ten years old! Facebook might after all be coming up to twenty years but when you think the average is 35 -40 and we've therefore had it since our teens it must seem alien to people just a decade or so older! Does this mean then that anything new coming up I’m going to struggle with before my kids are teenagers? I'm already lost when it comes to Tumblr. It’s a scary thought! 

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