Wistful Wantings - What's yours?

Monday, July 28, 2014

Over here Claire has been chatting about her Wistful Wantings and it struck a chord with me. After all we day dream a little over something. Perhaps we know its not the right time to buy it or it wouldn’t fit in with our life but somehow wouldn’t it be lovely to have….

Any how my little day dreams all seem to revolve around somewhere in the country…

Preferably, of course, my dream home is a converted barn up on the hillside with no neighbours in sight and a lot of land surrounding it. In the kitchen a lovely hot AGA with the dogs curled up in front and bread and cake baking inside….
From the Vintage Farmhouse

Then we have the Chickens. Wistful or not I have wanted chickens for a long time and hopefully the boys (and man) in this household will give in and let me have them. But until that day arrives I wistfully picture them pottering (do chickens potter?) around the garden eating all the horrible slugs!

Last but not least – Autumn. Blame it on the heatwave we’ve been having this week or the fact that you can go for a walk without feeling like you’re going to keel over after 5 steps. That and mulled apple juice, marshmallows toasting on a fire, you get the picture?

Why not head over and see what else people have been thinking out about this week? 

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  1. What a splendiforous list !!
    I love to think that chickens potter !
    And I am so with you on Autumn , Autumn to me feels a cosy time . Like nesting ready for winter.
    Thank you very much for joining in ! I appreciate very much. X

  2. I would have all these things on my list too. Although at present the dog/chicken combination would not last long! My girl is far too interested in feathered friends. One day....