Boux Avenue - A Review

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boux Avenue (the sparkling new lingerie brand with Dragon Dens Theo Paphitis at the helm) now has over 21 stores around the UK and of course their fabulous online shop offering lingerie, nightwear and swimwear. I’m an awkward size (small ribs over average cups) when it comes to lingerie so when I was asked to review their online shop I was a little wary at first. I tend to rely on good old M&S and therefore it’s never overly exciting in my drawers, after all a comfy fit doesn’t tend to also be an exciting style…until now.

I was incredibly impressed with their DD+ range. They actually go from a 30DD to a 40H which is actually very rare and I’m so glad they are so readily available in a huge range of styles. Plus and trust me if you’re in the DD+ range this is fabulous to see, they use DD+ models. You can view the styles and therefore see what suits. What looks great on an A cup model can look truly horrendous if you spill over the sides or have gapes in places you don’t want!

Since I tend to go for balconette style I decided to go for something completely different and fashionable. First impressions were that they were actually nicely priced. A set for £25?! I chose a longline Chloe style and a Chloe plunge (there’s a choice of over 75 different options) and waited for delivery. You can choose free wrapping or you can go for an eco-friendly one too, there’s no price difference. I ordered on the Monday and they arrived on Wednesday morning and had been updated throughout and could follow the order.

I’m between sizes depending on the style so I looked forward to trying these two on and seeing how their fitting matched up. Fittings tend to change with different styles. You might be a 32D in one style and a 34C in another for example. Having been in the same style for a good ten years now it was fabulous to see the difference the different styles made on my silhouette! They both fitted perfectly and boy did they give me confidence! Not only do they look rather fabulous on their own but they work great under different tops and I’m sure I stand different when I wear them.

As to comfort…well I wore it and cleared out one of my mums rooms, rebagging and boxing up heavy stuff and then running them down to the car. A lot of heat and movement and no rubbing! The underwires lay flat against the chest (a sign of a good cut) and the fit was great. These are now my go to daily bras and I have to say how impressed I am by Boux Avenue. 

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