Badminton Horse Trials & Joules

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Badminton Horse Trials is one of the most exciting sports events around. Riders can spend years training and working to qualify to have their hopes dashed in seconds. The event runs for three days with each day consisting of something different. This year I attend on Saturday which was the cross-country day (day one is dressage) but the cross country day is by far the most exciting with a four mile course of obstacles and this has to be completed in a set time (plus this year there was a new design for the first time in 25 years) Even if you aren’t a horse mad teenager it’s incredibly exciting to watch and cheer along with! The course is created to test speed & fitness and of course bravery (personally I wouldn’t dare jump any of those obstacles!)

Saturday (the cross country day) is the busiest (because the most fun!) and has under its belt the largest crowd of paid spectators of any sport in the UK. Did you know 250 thousand turn out to watch this event! With the weather conditions this year (it was cancelled the year before last) being wet & windy only half the riders started you can imagine just how sensational it was to watch. Now aside from this excitement there is a plethora of stalls! The one with the largest queue this year? Well it had to be the people who sent me – Joules!
Not only do they have the best stand ever, trust me against the dark clouds and wind the lovely cheeriness of Joules was like sunshine, but they are also the official sponsors of the Badminton Collection. If you’re a fan of Joules you’ll know like me they never get their styles or designs wrong and the Badminton Collection is no different. From Polo shirts for the whole family to hooded sweatshirts and gilets down to caps their design is flawless and elegant. I think the Gilet is by far my favourite – perfect for early morning dog walks. Do take a look in store or online as I’m sure you’ll be as smitten as I am. It would also be perfect to wear at any of the family friendly festival Joules are telling us about this week! Now just to get the picnic set to match!

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