Bathroom ideas...

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

When we bought out house last summer we knew it was going to be a five year project. We have so much work which needs doing that it’s really going to take that long. I have to say much of my resources for design are coming from Pinterest at the moment (honestly you really MUST look at it!) In particular at the moment my designs and boards are concentrating on our bathrooms and kitchen. I’m just not 100% what I would like.

I just adore this picture of the before and after of the cloakroom.

 It’s amazing how something as simple (and cheap too) as wall cladding makes so much difference to a rooms appearance. For purely decorative purpose it’s great! Miles quicker than tiling but also waterproof (perfect for the bathroom) quick and easy to install (I have little patience) and hygienic and easy to clean (a must in both rooms) these and the diversity of different designs means its rather taken my fancy as the means to finish both the bathroom and kitchen. Just look at some of the images!

I love the statement fireplace too. As I said the sheer diversity of products means I can’t decide! What’s your favourite? I think I might just have to head down to the Décor cladding centre and wave my “home pinterest” board at them and ask them to help! Of course in 5 years time when I’m installing the hot tub in the top lawn I’ll be having the same problems then! Now to just win the lottery….

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