Ready for holiday travels?!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

With the weather having been so gloomy this week thoughts are turning on my twitter feed to holidays.  We’re off to explore northern France this year. We’re using (in mine & my family’s opinion) the best ferry operator around – DFDS Seaways! Have you heard of them yet? Not content with the standard Dover to Calais crossing they also run a Newhaven to Dieppe which is the one we take. Of course they also run their ferries to Holland and Denmark as well France so you have access to most of Europe.

Why do we think they’re the best? Well for a start no hideously long delays at Dover (after a 3hr wait to board with one firm we quickly swapped to DFDS Seaways & Newhaven!) While the ferries don’t seem so huge (a bonus in my opinion as they aren’t so cramped either) the boys are kept continuously amused throughout the trip and areas like the play & the café (and the cabins) seem incredibly clean for the amount of trips they do!

This year we’re heading across in May and we’ll do a thorough review and photos for you all but if you can’t wait that long head over there now!  And just in case you were in any doubt I approached DFDS Seaways and asked if I could tell you my readers about them rather than the other way! They really are that good and that’s coming from someone who has two young boys to entertain! Head over here and see how much you can save on travel & petrol on your trip this year! 

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