Gingerbread House Kit - Thanks Sykes Cottages!

Sunday, December 08, 2013

When Sykes Cottages asked if I’d like to take part in a Gingerbread House competition despite never making one I leapt down their throats saying yes yes pick me! I then proceeded to google gingerbread houses like a pro and between the four of us we came up with some amazing designs! Proper two storeys with maybe some little gingerbread people though the windows.

The kit arrived and I immediately had vision of a Martha Stewart styles Sunday all gathered around the kitchen table with extensions and chimneys pots and perhaps a little snow gingerbread village. Boys I said go and play for ten minutes while I build the main house then we’ll start decorating! An hour later and I was frantically dialling my mum with an elbow asking how long Icing took to set.  Her reply “about 4hours darling I think why?”

It was that point I decided to give up my plans of a miniature Pemberley in gingerbread and just have fun! The boys were called back in and immediately started getting messy and taste testing the sweets (a major part of any baking!) A fabulous 2 hours passed while we covered the house with chocolate buttons and jewelled sweets then changed for smarties and candy canes from the trees!

Once I’d let go of being a perfectionist and my ideas of winning we had an amazing time! I don’t think the boys have concentrated on one task and had so much fun for such a long time. My neatly pristine planned day turned into a slightly messy (they ate most of the mess!) and more fun than I could imagine day. A big thank you to the guys at Sykes Cottages from a lovely subtly reminder of what Christmas is really about! I have sneaked away to type this up while they have decided that have demolished the house to eat it’s time to make some mince pies! 

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