Verismo review

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

We had a very exciting package arrive by courier today! A Verismo coffee machine. I have to say I’m a huge addict of coffee and go through about 12 a day (at least) so you can imagine the excitement when it arrived! The Verismo is designed gorgeously to sit snuggly on your worktop and to keep buttons and hot water safely out of the smaller members of the households reach.  Another huge bonus is that from box to first latte it was a matter of minutes, under 3! Needless to say my husband’s eyeing it up to take one out while he de-ices the car in the morning! (the Verismo is incredibly silent!)

We tend to stick with lattes when we go out for coffee so I’m rather glad it’s been sent with a fair few.  It also provides all the coffees Starbucks are well known for americanos, espressos etc. The only down side I can see is that you can’t as yet get hot chocolate from them but they have a fabulous page on their site with recipes to tell you exactly how to get that caramel macchiato!
 Right down to the serious stuff now. I do like the style of the verismo. It’s a lot slimmer than its rivals and fits on a work top far neater than others. It also has its buttons at the top well out of reach of little ones. The coffee tastes…..smooth and rich. Pretty much the same as a Starbucks from the shop (without the paper cups) the only problem is there’s not enough! The cup size is perfectly that, a cup, however you can add extra hot water, at just the right temperature of course, but I worry that might water my coffee down..? And of course it doesn’t make their smashing hot chocolates nor do you get a smiley barrister in your kitchen to press the buttons for you!
At £139 the verismo is a tad bit more than its rival but the latte like for like is better, the taste is smoother and of course its instant! No waiting round in queues, your coffee fits in a flask neatly so you can start your caffeine fix before your commute starts (great for cold mornings on station platforms) A fabulous present for an executive, lazy student, general coffee addict or a person in the morning who just needs a helping hand start the day! I have to say I don’t think I particularly want to give it back! So much so that tomorrow while I do my shopping I won’t be popping in for a cuppa but more to but some extra pods and to sip my latte with my feet up at home watching a film!

(ps I had some lovely photos I took but blogger keeps turning them the wrong way! I'll replace these when I can figure out why!)

Available exclusively through Selfridges from 2nd October until 22nd October, the VerismoTM  System by Starbucks will then be available to purchase at Harrods and House of Fraser from 22nd October, before being available in 200 Starbucks stores across the UK from the 2nd November onwards.

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  1. How cool is that, like you I adore coffee, but it has to be real coffee, this looks fab!