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Monday, December 24, 2012

As you know I adore luxury (who doesn’t) but when I had my eldest I noticed that while you could have luxury baby clothes, luxury mama clothes too there was nothing in the baby bag range that could be practical and stylish. Where were the glamorous luxury chic bags that held all? They didn’t exist!

 Then I noticed a new trend started when I had my second. Sienna Miller and American actress Tia Mowry started being proud owners of gorgeous leather Babybeau bags! They turned out to be changing bags and the conception of the rather amazing Rebecca Gono. Rebecca knew what she wanted from a bag but noticed there weren’t any on the market and it proved to be a mission impossible to find something stylish and yet practical so she created her own!

 Becoming a parent throws you into a completely new arena. Many parents find themselves juggling different lifestyles: as a parent, in business, and a wife/husband or partner.  Through BabyBeau, I’ve designed a collection of bags that adapt to these various lifestyles without surrendering fashion for practicality, enabling parents to have it all.” 
Sophisticated, elegant, chic & lovely are the names she has used to describe the bags she has individually hand designed herself. After all what better than a mum to create a bag for what we’re after. I fell in love her designs and bags before I had realised they were even changing bags and don’t think these names even begin to describe these sumptuous creations. After all do these appear to be changing bags to you? They’re fashion statements! Leather, delectable and gracefully feminine they are beautifully designed to endure through babyhood and beyond. Who wouldn’t take this dusky rose leather bag for a night out or perhaps even a weekend in Paris? It wouldn’t look out of place! If that wasn’t enough they come with removable baby organiser, leatherette changing mat, leatherette insulated bottle holder and cosmetic pouch. I think Rebecca’s managed to think of everything!

Arent they divine? I don’t think I could ever choose just one of these beautifully delectable bags! So with that in mind I have two rather fabulous pieces of good news! One they are having a sale starting on boxing day! Click here to whisk over there now. Two they’ve very kindly said I can run a competition to win a £30 voucher to spend on their site!  So enter via Rafflecopter below and a winner will be chosen Saturday 2nd February!

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