Sophisticated Luxury!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

With Christmas just round the corner I had to introduce you to the very wonderful and luxurious Charlotte & Co. Their shop offers the very best in silk, cashmere and cotton. From nightwear to loungewear to silk pillowcases for no more wrinkles. The perfect shop for your Christmas shopping or just to ensure you have a treat just for you!

One of their favourites is their Cashmere Dressinggown. Now cashmere is the uppermost of sumptuousness. Not only does is keep you cosy and warm in winter its divine to wear in summer to. Lightweight but stunningly elegant as you can see.  A wonderful present for someone (or for yourself) that deserves the best this year!

The next one I have to recommend is because it’s my favourite. Silk Pyjamas! Generously and stylish cut they flatter and are stunningly sophisticated. Relaxing and secure they have an elastic back with a flat front to compliment and smooth your tummy and hips while offering comfort!

And of course if you’re decked out in quality and luxury what about your feet and toes? Cashmere socks and cashmere slippers! These indulgent and soft cashmere socks are a tactile and adorable cable knit. Perfect for wearing in bed to keep your feet toasty and ensuring a wonderful night’s sleep!
The slippers! After a day carrying you around what could be nicer than being slipped in to perfect opulence? Soft suede soles and an elastic back ensure one size fits and with colours from the neutral to the fashion forward leopard print these are a perfect gift! They are all presented in their own drawstring satin bag which is great to store them in your suitcase if you’re a frequent flyer!

Now I couldn’t possible leave the men out of this so just cast your eyes on this cashmere dressing gown for the men. A gorgeous dark blue its indulgent, stylish and masculine! Just perfect! 

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